Why Internet Video Marketing Is The Best Form Of Advertising in Decades

Over the past few decades, the Internet has become exponentially more prevalent each year. We use the internet for more and more of our daily tasks all the time. Many people’s careers revolve around the internet, and students are taking more of their classes and doing more of their research online every single day. Because of this, internet video marketing is an extremely effective way to reach a very wide audience quickly. Videos are visually appealing, and allow consumers to get the information they need much more quickly than reading a few paragraphs of text. It’s also much easier to view a video on a mobile phone than to read an article, which is key for todays’ consumer, who is tech savvy and always on the go.

Hundreds of millions of people watch online videos every day, and almost half of all internet users watch at least one video per month. Video ads, whether on your own website or on other websites, grab consumers’ attention very quickly, and make them far more likely to at least look for more information about the product in the video, and eventually purchase the product. Video platforms such as YouTube allow businesses to target their ads towards specific demographics, and also allow content creators to view detailed statistics about exactly how many people are watching their videos and what types of people they are. This allows marketers to reach their desired audience extremely effectively, because they can target the videos towards specific niche interests.

For a video to be effective, it has to be memorable and short - many people will click away from the video within the first thirty seconds if it does not grab their attention, and even if the video does grab their attention, it is unlikely to hold it if it’s longer than just a few minutes. These short and memorable videos are also far more likely to be shared on other social media platforms, which is key - if one person likes the video and product, they can share it with all of their friends, who are likely to have similar interests to them and also be interested in the product.

Luckily, videos are becoming very easy and cheap to create, so they are a viable option for small businesses who want to increase their online presence and consumer awareness. All it takes is a creative and memorable concept - due to the popularity of homemade YouTube videos, ideas have become much more important than movie-level production quality in terms of attracting viewers. Even a Vine or Instagram video can be an effective way to reach consumers, and can be shared from a smartphone. Internet videos should be integrated into the rest of your marketing campaign, and should be coordinated with your social media posting schedule. The videos can really help to create a cohesive image that defines your brand and really sticks in the viewer’s mind.