Where Is Video Marketing Heading In The Next Five Years?

Video production is an art and process of creating a video from combination and integration of moving images captured for live production or post production. Video production has a wide range of its field implementation like television broadcasting, event video, explainer video, marketing video, real estate video production, video production for distance education, internet video production and training video etc.

Video marketing has intense importance for making video viral and get maximum users. For such purposes, video should be top notch but at the same time marketing will bring subscribers from different platforms like social media, Facebook, Twitter, yahoo etc. Other most important things that matters in marketing are SEO (search engine optimization), advertising, YouTube marketing. The main purpose involves getting engaged, views, shares, subscribers, conversions and optimizing videos.

As far with advancement and apps user is increasing exponentially so one of the best ways to get more and more traffic is through apps. From a report of a survey, almost half of the traffic comes from mobile apps so main focus for marketing surrounds making video mobile app friendly. Marketers are using videos on social media to increase their user and enhance their services.

Video marketing has its worth more than anything and in near future, it’s going to be the most important marketing tool. Just think of it, if you are in 2017, would you like to read long articles and surfing for some content?  I think videos has inimitable rise as compared to other marketing sources. According to the research of Cisco, after five years from now video will count almost 69% of all the internet traffic.

In the future, video marketing is going to be the biggest marketing tool to get maximum traffic. As video is becoming the best way of entertainment and information for a user, companies are focusing on using this medium for marketing as compared to other resources. Research has shown that YouTube gets almost 1 billion new users every month. This is the largest number ever seen from any other resource, apart from Facebook.

Different success stories about marketing have asset in itself. Recently a research from Volkswagen saw a trio which showed its videos showed 155 million times. If such number is gained by some company, its revenue will go on increasing exponentially. So after all this discussion we can count on video marketing as one of the best marketing tools and in future it’s going to be the best way for marketing.

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