What Is Your Why?

Photo by: ginucplathottam

Photo by: ginucplathottam

One of the things I love about documentary filmmaking is the ability to explore new ideas and see new things in a totally different way. I've always been captivated by big questions: What is the universe? What's our psychological reason for doing the things we do? What's this thing called life?

My goal as a filmmaker was to ask these big questions.  I soon realized that in my filmmaking career that a lot of people have a lot of stories of why they do what they do. A lot of businesses and brands are trying to actually communicate that message in a very effective way. They're very passionate about what it is that they're actually trying to do.

Far to often though, they settle for productions and videos that do not clearly communicate that message. They think that just turning on the camera or making an advertisement without the proper message is enough in this new digital age.

So what is your why? I mean what is the reason why you got into doing what you are doing? I know a lot of people are trying to really do something that's inspirational or meaningful.  What makes you unique?  What is your voice? What is the thing you are trying to communicate?

Does your audience know you're “why”? Are you communicating that clearly? Are you creating videos that actually express your story and have meaning? Or are you just following the same old system of advertising that is quickly become outdated. 

What are you trying to say?

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