What Are Your Long Term Goals for an Online Video?

With the advent of technology and the World Wide Web, the production of online video is also raking its popularity.  Creating online video is not easy and not all those producing such video succeed. That is why if you are interested to create an online video it is important to have long-term goals that will serve as your guide. The first thing to consider is how you can drive or attract viewers to watch your online video and how you can monetize from that medium.

Online video offers advantages that the traditional TV advertising cannot do. It reaches a wide range of potential customers at the same time promotes emotional engagement. Aside from being cost-effective, online video provides measurable feedback. Online video offers different experience as compared to what television delivers. It is because people can actively control their experience. That is why it is important that the video should deliver information that will attract viewers to engage on it. Thus, it is essential to have long-term goal in video production.

1.     Create authentic video – Most customers are disgusted watching videos that are sales-pitches. Getting more customers is the main objective of creating online video for a business and offering good product is not enough. If you want to capture more clients, then you should create an authentic online video connecting to the personal level of your customers. This way, the video can help in building trust and driving actions.

2.     Make the video relevant – If you are creating a documentary style video, see to it that it is relevant to the subject matter. Otherwise, if you will produce irrelevant videos most likely viewers will ignore it and worse create negative feedback. This means that the video should provide compelling stories.

3.     Attract viewers to engage – It is not enough just to provide good information. If you want to attract viewers make sure that the online video that you will create stands out among others. It should be engaging. That is why the format of the content should excite the users and arouse the interest.

4.     Make it search engine friendly – To ensure that your online video will reach your target audience, you should include in your goals making it search engine friendly. This means that it should follow the algorithms so that the relevance will increase. Likewise, you should also consider file naming, meta-data and good architecture so that you can distribute it on YouTube and other video sites.

5.     Create an action path – Online video can attract more clicks, inbound calls and drives more visitors. If your goal is to obtain more customers through video production, then you should ensure that it includes action path. This way more people will view the video and eventually visit your website and turned into customers.

It is important to have long-term goals in creating online video so that you will know that it will not only last for short duration of time. Keep in mind that viewers will only watch your video if they know that they will benefit from it. 

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