7 Facts About Video Marketing That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

Video marketing is by far one of the most efficient ways that you can use in order to promote recorded marketing on the web. With the help of some interesting video sharing platforms, video marketing is very easy to perform and, if done properly, it can bring a ton of interesting, exciting and valuable results that you are bound to appreciate for sure.

Moreover, video marketing has become an affordable thing to do, which means that just about anyone with access to a video camera can do it. This is why video marketing is one of the most successful methods of online marketing, since it manages to bring some astounding results to the table.

There are tons of interesting things you need to know about video marketing, and this is why we have created a list with some of the best video marketing facts that will definitely change your day and make it a stellar one.

1. Video content is more than half of the whole web traffic

There’s a whole lot of video content on the web, but the fact that more than half of all web traffic is comprised out of videos is crazy. This clearly shows how important it really is to have the best representation in the online world, as this is the only way to access some astounding results.

2. 1 minute of video tells more than 1.8 million words, according to Forbes

This is what makes video marketing so efficient, because you can tell a lot in just a few minutes. Writing the same content is tedious and long, with few people actually reading a lot. Instead, people want to access the information in an easier manner, and this will definitely help.

3. 75% out of all web users will watch a video first, then read the description

Through video marketing, you can create a connection with the user, and this is why including the best information and introducing yourself in that video is very important, as most people will click the video first before reading anything.

4. If a consumer likes the video, then he is 97% more inclined to buy from you

People like videos and having content explained in an easy manner. If you do things right, you are bound to get far better results from the marketing campaign. When people like a video, then most of the time they will purchase your products, and this increases the engagement and lead generation.

5. Video marketing is 6 times more efficient that old advertising methods

Videos, unlike print advertising and direct mail are more personal, they connect with the user and, as such, they tend to bring some astounding results.

6. Each Google search result has at least a video

Through a video, you have an even higher chance to rank in your niche, so this can help you a lot. Try to create meaningful, insightful videos and you will get great results.

7. Videos generate addiction

This is true, good videos make you watch them again and again, not to mention that you will also share them with others. This is what makes video marketing so efficient, because it generates addiction and allows people to share that content with each other!

These are some of the most important facts that you need to know about video marketing. As you can see, video marketing is very important and because of that more and more companies need to integrate it in their promotional endeavors, as this is the only way to get astounding results fast! Engage in video marketing, and you will definitely be able to improve your sales!

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