7 Myths About Video Production

Forget conventional text-based marketing, video is a far better story-telling medium that allows you to powerfully connect, convert and nurture leads. But despite these remarkable benefits, a plethora of companies have been duped to believe that a professionally produced video is not worth their effort, money or time. Well, those are just myths about video production, and we shall debunk them herein in a bid to make video content more accessible for any company.

Video Production Myths

#1: Branding video production is costly.

Well, at one point it was but that was in the 80s where a video could costs $1,000 a minute, but not anymore. Today, you only get what you pay for. In other words, what you’ll pay for depends with the complexity of the video produced. So budget ranges are different for each professional video production that any company might request.

#2: The post-production team can fix it.

Filming branding videos is an awesome event. Editors get their finest tricks on the book and turn the videos produced into masterpieces. But you cannot expect the post-production team to fix every mistake/error while filming the video. Editors must be involved so as to take special attention to consistency errors between shots. It is essential.

#3: Producing a viral video is a herculean task.

Don’t be fooled. There is no formula for creating a viral branding video. You can easily produce one as well. So if you ever come across a video production company purporting to create a viral video for you, run for the hills. They are either out to make a fool of you or dupe you into giving them your hard-earned money or just both.

#4: Prints last longer than videos.

Well, it might be true but print has now become less effective in regard to marketing. Prints have been popular since time immemorial but not in this era aptly christened instant information age. Since the advent of the Internet, video production is more popular since it can last longer, it’s instant and you can easily track it online wherever you are.

#5: You will never make your money back by producing a professional video.

What a lie! There is no reason why a produced documentary-style video for your business can’t make you any money. You just need to promote it effectively. In fact, promoting it successfully saves you lots of money. For instance, you don’t have to hire a marketing team to market your businesses products and services. Just create a professional branding video for your business, and voila!

#6: Graphic designs are simple to implement, and they don’t affect the overall budget.

You will be surprised how false this is. Graphic designs take time when producing say, a documentary-style video. That explains why they are tackled earlier in the pre-production stages. Not to mention they are costly as well. It’s vital to make graphics changes before the video is animated.

#7: You must make 500 DVD copies of your video.

Although it is important to make copies of your branding video production, it’s not really necessary. Why create 500 DVD copies when you can just send someone a link of your branding video? Technology has revolutionized how we share content. With Internet, you can share links of your video – saves your money and time.