5 Signs You Should Invest In Video Production

There's no doubt that rich media – especially video and animation – is becoming a requirement of a competitive online marketing strategy. The internet as a marketplace is far from a “blue ocean,” and traffic acquisition is a constant struggle that requires plenty of quality content, search engine optimization, and the leveraging of any advantage that you can get your hands on.

That means you're doing your web presence a disservice if you're not incorporating video into your marketing plan. If you're not completely sure how video can serve your end goals, take a look at the following five examples:

You need to increase traffic.

A web presence is all but meaningless unless it's drawing visitors to your website. This is where you're most likely to convert visiting traffic into customers, after all. As with any type of sales or marketing, web traffic is a numbers game; the more people visit your site, the more conversions you'll enjoy. Videos have been proven to increase traffic exponentially. In fact, pages with videos are over 50x more likely to rank within the first page of Google results.

You need to improve retention on your website.

Traffic is one thing, but what those visitors do once they're on your site is another. If they arrive and immediately click away, this increases your bounce rate, and a high bounce rate causes Google to lower your site's ranking. Videos will keep a visitor engaged for a longer span of time and help to keep your bounce rate low.

You need informative reviews of your product or service.

Consumers love reviews. In fact, bloggers know that one of the quickest ways to increase traffic is to post text and video reviews of other people's products. This is great for the blogger, but that means if potential customers are searching for videos about your product or service, you're going to lose traffic to someone else. By hosting your own reviews and product videos, you can help to keep those curious customers where they belong: on your site.

You want to increase your authority and credibility.

We're reaching a point where videos aren't considered a “nice addition” to a website. According to a wyzowl survey, 53% of people think that visitors expect to see videos. What does this mean for online businesses and marketers? Not keeping up with rich media trends means a loss of credibility and trust from your potential customers.

You need to increase understanding of your product or service.

Explainer videos have become exceedingly popular for a reason; many potential customers want to see a product or service in action before they make a buying decision. This is especially true with software, apps, and online services. An explainer video will not only show visitors the benefits of your offering, but it will keep them engaged on your site instead of forcing them to look elsewhere for the information they want.

What this all boils down to is simple: there's simply no way a company couldn't benefit from adding videos to their website. Current statistics and surveys all point to one eventuality: videos will be the #1 online marketing tool before long. That future is right around the corner, so it's wise to start leveraging that trend now. How will you use video to enhance your company's online presence?