3 Reasons Why Being Cheap on Video Production Hurts Your Business

Let's be real.  Running a business is hard.

You are up all hours of the night, wondering where is the best place to spend your marketing dollars.  You are looking to advertise your business in the most effective ways possible to reach your message to your ideal customer.

There is no doubt that video is increasingly growing on the web.  In fact, it is estimated that web content could reach 90% of videos in the near future.

But people think because they have the latest iPhones or a DSLR that somehow that will translate into making a great video that represents their businesses.  While there are effective ways of using basic video for your business, here are three reasons why being cheap on video production hurts your business:

1.  Inability to tell a great story.

There are many people that think that if they just turn on a camera, post a video, and hope for the best, that somehow that will equate to sales leads and brand awareness. The truth is you really need to be able to tell a compelling story. I can't tell you how many times I see people shooting videos that are not only bad in quality, but they just make the viewer tune them out because of the ineffectiveness in the story telling.  Hiring a cheap film student or camera guy is not going to cut it if you want the most effective way of creating a video that is going to talk to your ideal client.

2.  Not understanding that image is everything.

You invested a lot of time and energy in running your business.  You know the importance of having a good brand image, a good website and something that shows you have value.  So why are you sacrificing quality on video when it comes to one of the most important aspects of customers getting to know you?  You can have all the greatest print advertising and website design you want, but video is still one of the most effective ways your audience will be able to understand you and your message.  If your video looks cheap or does not capture anyone's attention, then in the end, you are actually hurting yourself and your values, not to mention wasting money.  Your audience knows it as well. Look at this as an investment.  In the short term, you may be saving money, but in the long term, are you going to get the return you want on that investment?

3. Not creating an effective video campaign.

No, there are no hard and fast rules in marketing.  But turning on a camera and hoping for the best is definitely not a strategy. Does the video production company you are using understand research and development?  What about script writing?  Do they understand color theory or graphic design?   How about concept and development?  Do you understand SEO and analytics?  Do you know how to create communication that is the most effective for your audience? The camera is only one small part of a large equation. If you don't understand that equation, you may not have an effective campaign.

The reality is, there is a lot of noise on the internet and television these days.  Consumers are much more aware of being "sold" to and most people don't have the patience or need to sit through more boring ads and videos that scream amateur.  It's not only important to have a video production company that is going to be able to use a camera correctly, but to also be able to consult you through your marketing to make sure it is the most effective way your video will work for your goals.  Trying to save a few dollars may actually be money wasted when investing in a creative, intelligent and expressive video may pay for itself in the end.

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