3 Best Ways To Optimize Video On YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform online. Not only is it the most popular but it’s actually one of the most effective for businesses as well. You may already be using YouTube or you may not be and have no idea about how beneficial it could be for you. Facts are that using YouTube is a great way to create another dimension of awareness for your business. However, for it to be truly effective you need a strategy of video optimization for YouTube.

Not only does it generate more awareness for your business but it’s a great source of traffic and leads to your website. YouTube gets millions of viewers each day on the platform and your goal is to tap into it but you can’t just upload a video and hope for the best. You need a strategy when uploading videos, a strategy of video optimization for YouTube that will allow you to capitalize on the popularity of this platform.

When you use YouTube, you create a tremendous amount of authority in the eyes of Google. You will show up in search results in a higher position than otherwise without a YouTube video. However, it’s not just a case of uploading a video and then showing up on the first page of Google. First, you need to optimize the videos you upload if you want to see any real, tangible results from this platform.

The Video Title

You need to have a video title that is optimized for search results. So if you want to show up for “weight loss” then you need to include that keyword in the title of your video. This is crucial because Google gives a lot of credence to YouTube over other platforms, and that includes more popular blogs.

The Video Description

This is another very important area to optimize. In this section you need to briefly describe what your video is about, how it will help the viewer, and importantly include the keyword you want to be ranked for. Include the keyword at least once in the description and make sure you don’t engage in any keyword stuffing.

This is also the section where you include a link to your website, which is very powerful link juice.

Creating A Professional Channel

This is vital if you really want to stand out and make YouTube and Google give you preference. You should have a great background design that shows you are a professional. You should have a short introduction video that lets first time viewers know what your channel is about. In the channel description you also want to make sure that you include the primary keyword you want to be ranked for.

So if you create a copywriting channel then make sure copywriting is included in the description. Also, if you can create a title for the channel that is also keyword optimized.

If you apply these three tips to your video optimization for YouTube strategy then you’ll start to see great results, and hopefully those results will be in the form of traffic to your website. Video optimization for YouTube is essential if you are going to reap any rewards from using YouTube.