We believe sharing your "why" through our visual storytelling is a powerful way of creating a connection that strengthens relationships with your ideal audience. 

"Why" is the question we have asked for thousands of years.  "Why" is the drive to solve our problems, to learn new ways of thinking, and create new solutions. "Why" is the difference between what makes us unique and stand out from the rest.

By specializing in creative, intelligent and expressive documentary-style videos, you create the most effective way of sharing your values about who you really are.  It's telling a compelling story about the knowledge of your expertise, building trust in your product or service, and enhancing your brand awareness.  More importantly, it's about focusing on your ideal audience and the relationship you have with them.

Started in 2012 by filmmakers with backgrounds in award-winning creative documentary, Fama Media Productions evolves projects from an idea to distribution, works with research and development with our clients to conceptualize, produce, and edit a video that speaks to a core message.

Contact us to start your story today and let Fama Media Productions help you Share Your Why. 

We are a licensed video production business that serves Sedona, Phoenix, Las Vegas and worldwide.